Digital Legacy Games™ is an independent developer based in South Africa, producing games and components for the Unity Asset Store.

Our Products

XmlLayout is a framework for Unity UI which allows you to develop professional, fully functional user interfaces and UI elements using Xml.
XmlLayout Plus bundle: Get XmlLayout, PagedRect, DatePicker, UIObject3D, TableLayout, and uResize in one bundle at a discounted price!
PagedRect is a complete pagination solution for the Unity UI - create Paging, Galleries, Menus and more!
UIObject3D allows you to render 3D objects on Unity UI canvases as if they were Unity image objects.
uResize is a Unity component which allows you to quickly and easily resize Unity UI elements at runtime by dragging the edges and/or corners.
DatePicker is a powerful control for date selection using the UnityUI.
uDialog is a complete dialog solution for the Unity UI - create Windows, Dialogs, Menus, and Notifications with ease.
TableLayout is an advanced Layout Group system inspired by HTML tables.